Why choose Zero Stain?

We are on the path to perfection: Anyone can make a car shine but we do it properly. We make sure that your car’s paint is even; the edges, door handles, and window trims will all be safe. No more “Ahh.. My clear coat is too thin already.” Whether your car’s paint is 15 years or just a few days old, we have the right chemicals, the right tools and the right techniques for your car.

We strive for constant improvement: We always hear people say, “This shop is unlike before” or “This popular shop is now after the quantity and not the quality” and so on… Here at ZeroStain, we guarantee only the best for our customers’ cars. OUR PRODUCTS, TECHNIQUES AND STANDARDS IMPROVE EVERY SINGLE DAY.

Our services are personalized : We only do appointments and cater to one car at a time. Our attention will solely be on your car to make sure we METICULOUSLY detail it. After all, we are more about the quality than the quantity.

We set the new standards: Whether all you need is a quality, swirl-free hand carwash or a meticulous full premium auto detailing, we are here to impress and gain your trust; while you get more for what you pay for.

  • In our exterior detailing process, we remove parts such as emblems, taillights, garnishes, trims, etc. for a thorough cleaning that other “professional” detailers wouldn’t even consider. We guarantee no burned paint even if your car’s paint is old. Other detailing shops only use fluorescent lights, surely it looks shiny, but here at ZeroStain, WE USE 1000W OF YELLOW LIGHT TO SHOW ALL PAINT FLAWS.
  • In our interior detailing process, we remove seats and other interior components, again, for a thorough cleaning. We guarantee no sagging will occur on the ceiling even if the car is a vintage European car. *We also cater to flooded cars.*
  • We also offer underchassis DETAILING (not only wash) that others don’t offer; as well as glass and engine detailing.

It’s more than just a business, it’s a passion: The owners themselves are the HEAD DETAILERS, at least one of the owners will be present before, during, and after the detailing process that will be hands on.

After you have browsed our gallery for samples for our works, try the lesser-known detailer, ZeroStain, and get more for what you pay for.


here’s a short clip of our work


This is how we do it.

Isn’t she blooming?(we’re talking about the car)

Kristine’s CITY: glass + 5step ext. detailing


thank you so much Zero Stain! i am very very satisfied with the exterior detailing and glass detailing. all the scratches and swirl marks are gone! mas makintab pa kesa sa brand new yung car ko ngayon. next time try ko naman yung interior and engine detailing :D sa susunod ulit! :) - Kristine




our engine detailing

“waterless” engine “detailing” vs ZeroStain’s REAL engine DETAILing… we don’t hide the grime by applying some greasy engine dressing (approx 2 hrs to finish?) We safely clean your car’s engine bay by paying attention to every single detail. (approx. 1 day to finish.)


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